Handling All Types of Injuries

Whether you were involved in a serious collision with a semi-truck, you were injured in someone's swimming pool or you were hurt on a California highway, you may deserve compensation. If the incident was caused by the negligence of another person or company, you can pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover the money you deserve.

At Hanasab Legal Network in Los Angeles, we work with an experienced team of lawyers throughout the state of California to help people like you seek full and fair compensation for their injuries. Over the years, we have helped recover millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

The attorneys we work with are equipped to handle cases involving all types of injuries, including:

  • Brain injury — Closed head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, concussions and other types of damage may require extensive medical care and ongoing therapy.
  • Spinal cord injuryInjuries to the spine can result in paraplegia, quadriplegia and many other damaging effects.
  • Burns — Not only can severe burns be extremely painful and dangerous, but they can also leave disfiguring scars.
  • Amputations — Sometimes a person loses his or her limb in the accident itself, and sometimes it becomes necessary afterward due to medical complications.
  • ElectrocutionElectrical injuries are common on construction sites, but they may also occur in a wide range of other situations.
  • Eye injury — Loss of sight affects nearly every other area of life, meaning that you may need additional compensation to cover your inability to work or accomplish other tasks.
  • Broken bones — Orthopedic injuries may heal in a very straightforward manner, but that is not guaranteed. Sometimes broken bones come with many complications.
  • Soft tissue injury — A car accident, a fall from scaffolding and other incidents involving forceful impact can easily damage a person's soft internal organs.
  • Wrongful deathFatal injuries leave the surviving family members with emotional turmoil. They may also leave family members with staggering medical bills and other expenses.

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