Representing Burn Injury Victims

Burns are always traumatic events. In addition to the extreme pain they often cause, they can create lasting and disfiguring scars. Plus, if not cared for properly, a deep burn can become infected and create a host of serious complications.

At Hanasab Legal Network, the team of lawyers we work with has a strong track record of success helping accident victims obtain the money to which they are entitled. The attorneys we work with have offices in Los Angeles and throughout the state to effectively serve clients in California. You can rely on us and our entire legal team to diligently fight for the full amount of compensation you may deserve for your severe burns or other injuries.

We Handle Cases Caused by Car Fires, Chemical Exposure and More

The lawyers we work with handle personal injury cases involving all types of burns, including:

  • Electrical burns from contact with live wires or power lines
  • Chemical burns from corrosive liquids, acids or other substances
  • Fire burns caused by exploding gas tanks in car accidents or motorcycle accidents
  • Scald burns from contact with extremely hot liquids

Will You Need Reconstructive Surgery?

Depending on the severity and the location of your burns, you may require reconstructive surgery (plastic surgery) to help remove the scars and repair the damage. Such surgeries are extremely expensive, so it is important to ensure that you obtain the compensation you may need for such future costs.

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