Dog Bites

Los Angeles dog owners are required to keep pets under their control at all times. Still, people are attacked by domestic dogs all the time and can suffer serious injuries as a result. If you are a dog bite victim, please contact our Hanasab Legal Network to schedule a consultation with one of the attorneys we work with. The consultation is free, and you will not pay a fee until we achieve a favorable settlement for your injuries and pain and suffering.

Dog Bite Victims: What You Need To Know

While stray or wild dogs would be expected to cause an animal bite, most often it is the domestic dogs that are negligently handled by their owners causing the dog bites. These animals can attack, and if you're a victim, the results can be quite painful. A dog bite can become infected even if no tissue is damaged. A dog bite, even if it does little serious damage, can cause a lasting, ugly scar that serves as a painful memory of the traumatic incident.

Even sadder, many dog bite victims in Southern California are young children who merely wanted to play with the animal or pet it. A dog bite lawyer that works with our firm has the experience and knowledge to make sure a dog bite victim will receive the highest possible settlement and get all the necessary care. While the immediate medical costs may be covered by insurance, those agreements rarely take into account all the trauma and psychological damage and frequently ignore complete compensation.

To avoid anyone in your family from becoming a victim, remember to teach your children to stay away from strange dogs and other animals and to avoid chasing after any dog not on a leash. In case you or a loved one receives a dog bite, unless it can be captured and tested for rabies, a lengthy and painful treatment for that disease will be necessary.

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