Los Angeles Construction Accidents

Have you been injured on a construction site in the Los Angeles area? A construction injury attorney that works with Hanasab Legal Network can make sure that injuries suffered on a construction site are adequately compensated by the responsible party. The general contractor or owner of the property may attempt to settle your claim through an insurance company, but a settlement reached by a personal injury lawyer will likely be much higher as an experienced attorney can negotiate more effectively on your behalf.

Negligence on a Construction Site Can Have Serious Consequences

To keep up with the frantic pace in Los Angeles, construction is taking place constantly, sometimes around the clock. While much of this work is carefully monitored to make sure the jobsite is run in accordance with all applicable health and safety laws, too often corners are cut in an attempt to get the project completed quicker or cheaper. A construction accident, unfortunately, is a common outcome of this negligent practice.

While some of these accidents may result in a minor scrape or cut, others are far more serious and can require a hospital stay or lengthy medical treatment. In some of the more complex cases, many people can be injured in the construction accident, and the damages can extend far beyond the medical costs of the initial treatment.

If your California construction accident resulted in an electrical burn or other type of injury, Hanasab Legal Network can make sure that all your losses are addressed. These types of accidents can lead to reduced employment and substantial time lost from work, and that loss of earnings now and in the future will be part of any settlement we negotiate. Instead of seeking a quick solution, we'll take the time to do it right and make sure that all your interests are addressed.

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