Bus Accidents

A bus accident can come in several forms and can cause many different injuries or losses, but a dedicated personal injury law firm such as Hanasab Legal Network is experienced in protecting and defending your rights. Whether your child was a passenger in a Los Angeles school bus accident or your car was struck by a bus, we can work on your behalf to make sure you receive the highest possible settlement for your case.

Bus Accidents Victims: What You Should Know

Buses, whether transporting children to and from school or acting as public transportation or private conveyance for charter or sightseeing, fill the streets of Southern California and are liable to be involved in or cause many traffic accidents. A San Bernardino bus accident can result in multiple injuries and cause extensive damage to cars, and the owner of the bus may be liable for negligent operation.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident as either a passenger or the occupant of a struck vehicle, your first priority should be to obtain medical assistance. If you are able to, it would be very beneficial to contact the police immediately and prepare a report. You should also try to obtain contact information from as many witnesses as possible because their account of the incident may prove to be valuable. You should not sign any waiver or accept any settlement until you've had the chance to speak with a personal injury lawyer.

We can help you recover from the accident and will fight to make sure that you receive full reimbursement for all your expenses, including property damage, medical expenses, future therapy, pain and suffering and possible lost wages. These costs are not always covered in insurance company settlements that only look out for the insurance company's interests, but our firm will fight for you every step of the way.

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