Motorcycle Accident Representation In Corona

With its back to Santiago Peak, the city of Corona is a busy community set between Chino Hills, Norco, Riverside and Yorba Linda. Corona is home or destination for thousands of cycle riders. Every year, dozens are struck, injured and even killed while riding.

Motorcycle Accidents On Riverside Freeway, Highway 91, and Beyond

At Hanasab Legal Network, with offices in the Corona area, we work with a team of attorneys that represents victims and surviving family members of injured riders, obtaining substantial settlements and awards.

Motorcycle accident injuries are among the very worst we see in Southern California. Cycles are unarmored and vulnerable, and other drivers often tell the same story, that they did not see the motorcycle — which means they were not looking.

As a consequence, motorcycle rider injuries are severe, resulting in traumatic brain and head injuries, injured spinal cords, amputations, burns and abrasions. The worst accidents result in wrongful death — the loss of someone you love.

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If you have been injured on a bike, or you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, we urge you to contact Hanasab Legal Network , and share your story. It is altogether likely that we can obtain full compensation for your injuries, for the loss of your loved one and for the monetary losses that this kind of injury involves — medical costs, funeral costs, lost income, and pain and suffering.

How We Can Help

The law firm of Hanasab Legal Network, serving the Southland, is one of the most successful motorcycle accident personal injury firms working in the Corona area. We work with a team of lawyers who can reconstruct your accident, interview witnesses and work with medical professionals to understand the depth and seriousness of your injuries and your prospects for recovery.

Money can never replace full functionality, much less the company of the person you loved. But we have found that meaningful compensation can be an important component of your recovery.

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If you have been injured through the negligence of another, you may be entitled to maximum compensation. Call Hanasab Legal Network at (213) 784-0262, or write to us using this online form.