Class Action vs Doheny Glatt Kosher Meat Market

Are You One Of The Countless Customers Who Were Cheated?

Hanasab Legal Network has filed a class action lawsuit against Doheny Glatt Kosher Meat Market and its owner, Michael Engelman, as result of a recent investigation indicating that Mr. Engelman was not abiding by the kosher certification under which his market had allegedly been operating.

If indeed the allegations are true, Doheny Glatt has violated numerous laws, including California Business and Professions Code Section 17200 and 17500. Furthermore, not only has Doheny Glatt violated the law, it has also violated the trust of its shoppers and the Jewish community which relied on its products to further centuries-old traditions.

Hanasab Legal Network seeks to represent all of those who had purchased what they had believed to be kosher products from Doheny Glatt and were victims of these deceptive business practices.

Kosher Products Cost More, So The Financial Impact Is Great

Kosher products generally sell at much higher retail prices than their non-kosher counterparts, so the profits reaped by Doheny Glatt and the financial harm suffered by the potential class members are significant. Our firm will work tirelessly to ensure that Doheny Glatt does not benefit from these ill-gotten profits. We will attempt to recover as much as possible for the potential class action members.

We Are Passionate About Helping You Obtain Justice

Our firm shares in the outrage of the Jewish community that Doheny Glatt exploited the religious convictions of its shoppers and compromised thousands of years of their important traditions solely for the purposes of its own financial gain. We will continue to investigate these allegations in an attempt to uncover more evidence of wrongdoing.

Contact Our Firm Today

If you have purchased meat from Doheny Glatt Kosher Meat Market in the last several years, and you have receipts or credit card statements documenting such purchases, please email our firm or call us at 213-784-0262. Please provide your name, address and phone number. Each claim will be evaluated on a case by case basis.