Drunk Driving Accidents In The Los Angeles Area

Each year, accidents caused by drunk driving result in hundreds of injuries and fatalities on California highways. Criminal penalties for driving while intoxicated are severe, as they should be, but do not provide for the victims losses.

If you sustained an injury in a car accident due to the carelessness of another person, Hanasab Legal Network can help. Our firm works with a team of experienced Los Angeles-area attorneys who have a dedicated focus on drunk driving and personal injury cases. We will advise you on your best options.

California Attorney Obtaining Full Compensation For Victims Of Drunk Driver Injury

The types of injuries caused by a drunk driving accident depend on the circumstances of the accident. If the impact is severe, catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries could result, leading to incapacitation, paralysis, or even death. Even if your injuries seem minor, however, you should get a medical examination. In some cases, potentially serious injuries are not immediately obvious.

Severe injuries require ongoing medical treatment, physical therapy, and in some cases, long-term health care. Time spent away from work results in lost wages. Moreover, permanent disability could lessen earning potential.

Hanasab Legal Network knows that the insurance company's goal is to minimize the extent of your injuries to lessen what they have to pay off. We understand how to work with insurance companies to ensure that you receive full and fair compensation for the injuries you've suffered.

San Bernardino County Personal Injury Lawyers

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