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Car accidents are common along the highways close to Temecula — Interstate 15, Interstate 215 and State Highway 79.

Every year hundreds of accidents occur in this corner of the Inland Empire — many of them serious, some of them resulting in fatalities. When you are in a serious accident, there are several problems you must deal with.

Temecula Attorneys Advising What To Do Next After A California Auto Accident

After an accident, you may face an extended hospital stay or countless follow-up appointments with a physical therapist. Issues of lost wages, mounting medical bills and the ability to earn an income in the future are of great concern. If you sustained an injury in a car accident due to the negligence of another party, the Temecula car accident attorneys at Hanasab Legal Network can help.

Our firm has a dedicated focus on personal injury cases, and we can advise you on the merits of your case and best options for moving forward.

Insurance companies operate for profit — paid out claims directly affect their bottom line. For this reason, it is in their interest to minimize compensation. This is why it is important to contact an experienced car accident law firm, such as Hanasab Legal Network before speaking to the insurance adjusters. We can start protecting your rights immediately. Our dedicated auto accident lawyers can also answer all of your questions about obtaining medical treatment and procedures, getting your car fixed, getting a rental car and recovering lost wages.

What To Do After A Car Accident

In the shock of the moment it's hard to remember what to do after being in a car accident. Our attorneys offer the following simple advice:

  • Make sure you are not at risk of additional harm: Move your car off the road if possible. Unless you are injured, stay at the scene of the accident.
  • Call the police
  • Exchange insurance information with the other driver and take pictures of damage
  • Gather witness contact information
  • Get checked out by a doctor: Injuries may not be immediately apparent.

Representing Car Crash Injury Victims

Hanasab Legal Network works with a team of attorneys who represent clients with personal injury and wrongful death claims throughout Southern California.

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