Serving Victims Of Broadside (T-Bone) Collisions

A side impact often feels like it comes out of nowhere. Typically, the driver never sees the collision coming. Generally, these accidents occur as the result of one driver failing to yield to another.

If you were injured in a broadside (T-bone) collision caused by someone else's careless actions, the Los Angeles law firm of Hanasab Legal Network can help. Our attorneys maintain a dedicated focus on personal injury cases. We will advise you on the merits of your case and what you should do next.

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Injuries Are Expensive — Let Us Help You Seek Compensation

The injuries of the driver and passengers of each vehicle involved in a broadside collision can range from minor to fatal, depending on the point of impact and speed at which each car was traveling. If you were involved in such an auto accident, seek medical attention immediately. In many cases, the full nature of injuries is not immediately apparent.

Even seemingly minor injuries can require expensive medical treatment and several follow-up appointments. You may also miss many hours of work while seeking treatment. Severe injuries could cause permanent damage that makes long-term care necessary and reduces or eliminates your future earning potential.

Our law firm has years of experience working with insurance companies. We know their primary goal is to minimize the compensation paid for your injuries. However, we will fight to help you obtain the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

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