New light technology aims to protect motorcyclists on the road

In California, there is nothing more refreshing that riding a motorcycle up and down the coast. Freedom is often defined by the reverberating noises of a bike engine. While bikes are fun, they can be dangerous, too. Cyclists often get tucked away in blind spots or are overlooked on narrow roads. For this reason, safety advocates are trying to develop more ways to prevent motorcycle crashes.

For example, Vectolabs is a startup company that has developed a new safety light for motorcycles. The light illuminates when the motorcycle slows down, even if the cyclist is not applying the brakes. The new technology is called Vololights. Vololights utilizes LEDs, which are installed into a license plate holder. The holder is fitted with an accelerometer and CPU. When the device senses that a bike is slowing down, blinking lights will vie for the attention of vehicles behind the motorcycle.

Sources say that the technology will be helpful because motorcycles slow down much quicker than other four-wheel vehicles. Moreover, motorcycle riders do not utilize brakes as much car or truck drivers. Instead, they use other strategies such as downshifting. However, the new technology permits rear lights to flash twice per second when the bike is slowing down. When brakes are applied, the lights flash five times per second.

Safety advocates around the country encourage riders flash their brakes when slowing down. The technology is designed to fit all different types of motorcycles. Vectolabs believes that the product will align with state and federal requirements for vehicle lights; however, it is important that riders check their local laws.

Motorcycle accidents tend to be much more disastrous than other types of collisions. When faced with a four-wheel vehicle, most motorcycles lose the battle. For this reason, it is good to see manufacturers work to develop different safety mechanisms that help prevent accidents.

Although motorcycles are sometimes difficult to see, riders have a right to be on the road. Generally, motorcyclists must abide by the same rules that four-wheel vehicles follow. This means riders are equals on the road. If you have been harmed in a motorcycle accident by what you believe was a reckless or negligent motorist, you may be entitled to compensation. To learn more about your recovery rights, speak to a qualified personal injury law attorney in your area. Hanasab Legal Network can help investigate your accident and assess what compensation may be available under the law.