How safe are pedestrians in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles County, a total of 191 pedestrians died in motor vehicle accidents in 2013.

Across California, Los Angeles County was the site of the most number of pedestrian deaths in 2013. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the county experienced 588 deaths in motor vehicle accidents that year. A total of 191 of those deaths were pedestrians.

Los Angeles County's pedestrian deaths represent a significant portion of the state's total 701 pedestrian fatalities. The counties with the next highest number of deaths in pedestrian accidents included Orange, San Diego and San Bernardino. These counties lost 55, 54 and 50 pedestrians each, respectively.

Recent stories in the news

The following stories show the broad range of causes and situations involved in motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents.

  • A nine-year old girl sustained critical injuries when she was hit by a vehicle at Los Angeles International Airport. The report indicated that the driver may have confused the brake pedal and the accelerator.
  • Two pedestrians were injured when struck by a vehicle in Hollywood at approximately 8:30 p.m. one evening. According to, one of the victims experienced a broken leg.
  • The Whittier Daily News provided details on the death of a 62-year old pedestrian in Santa Fe Springs. A vehicle driver was charged with vehicular manslaughter after killing the pedestrian who was in a crosswalk.
  • A drunk driver was arrested after hitting two pedestrians in a La Habra crosswalk. According to the Whittier Daily News, the vehicle continued and also struck a light post and parked car.

Another driver will be sentenced this summer after being convicted of second degree murder and other criminal charges for his actions in a 2013. CBS Los Angeles noted that the 39-year old driver sped along the Venice boardwalk killing one pedestrian and injuring 17 others.

Important information for pedestrians

Anytime people are on foot in Los Angeles, they are at risk of being hit by cars, trucks, SUVs or motorcycles. This can be when strolling along a boardwalk, jogging on a sidewalk or even walking across a shopping center parking lot.

Wearing clothing or special gear that is bright or reflective can increase pedestrians' visibility to drivers. It is also recommended that pedestrians obey all traffic laws and cross streets at designated locations. When walking on streets without sidewalks, people should face the oncoming vehicles to remain more alert to potential dangers.

Despite the best actions on the part of pedestrians, accidents will still happen sometimes. When these crashes do occur, victims should seek help from an attorney promptly.

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